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Welcome to APF-Global Asosyasyon Peyizan Fondwa Global, Inc.

APF Executive Team- Project Management Committee –APF Secretariate- APF

  • Asosyasyon Peyizan Fondwa (The Association of the Peasants of Fondwa: APF) is a Haitian NGO registered with the Ministry of Plans (MPCE) and a Haitian National Peasant Organization registered with the Ministry of Social Affairs in Haiti. Our mission is to empower the local grassroots organizations to create wealth in their communities. APF started in Fondwa in 1988 and is now working throughout the country to establish Local Development Committees (LDCs) in all 572 rural communities, to rebuild Haiti from the ground up.  Our aim is to transform  rural Haiti by empowering one community at a time – through our APF LDC Program – to create jobs and businesses opportunities for everyone in each rural community  Currently APF has 30 LDCs in six states including  the Western,  the Artibonite Valley, Central Plateau, South-East, South and Grand’Anse and a small presence in each of the four other states in the country. If you want to participate in the reconstruction of Haiti, get involved with us and we will give you the tools to do so.

Street Vendor Women Waiting for Loan at Fondwa Credit Union

Nicole Receiving an Award from APF for her 25th work Anniversary with APF 2

Honoring Fondwa Children for their Work on Christmas Day

Fondwa Small Working Group Meeting About Black Bean Seed Project

  • Asosyasyon Peyizan Fondwa GLOBAL, Inc. (APF GLOBAL): The mission and the main purpose of Asosyasyon Peyizan Fondwa Global, Inc. (APF GLOBAL) is to support APF work and initiatives in Haiti.
  • Asosyasyon Peyizan Fondwa USA, Inc. (APF GLOBAL) was created in Washington, DC and incorporated on August 1, 2014. APF USA received accreditation from the IRS in April 2016. In August 2021, APF GLOBAL registered with the IRS and with the State of Florida. As we restructure APF GLOBAL, we invite you all to join us in this effort by providing us Human Resources and Financial Resources to keep our commitment to Asosyasyon Peyizan Fondwa (APF in Haiti).

APF International Volunteer Writing Book on APF

APF is Looking for a Volunteer to Lead this SRD APF Office

Farmers Asking For A Ministry Of Peasants Affairs

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