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Welcome to APF-Global Asosyasyon Peyizan Fondwa Global, Inc.

1. Joining our APF Sponsorship Program, which includes:

Participate in our International Volunteer Program, especially in our search for a retired professional who accepts to come to work with us in Haiti for one year or two years. Actually, we are looking for professionals who have a Master degree plus 2 or 3 years of experience in either: Fundraising, MBA, CPA, IT, Finance, marketing or agri-business. The Current following volunteer Job are now available now in Haiti including: APF Development Director/Project Manager  -FJN Director -Finance Officer for The APF Small Business Office –   CPA Officer – An IT Director who is knowledgeable about wave technology.

APF continues to rely on volunteers to provide technical support and contribute to the development of its leadership.

APF Research & Development Center (SRD APF)

FJN Meeting Between APF, Fonkoze, UFondwa n Fondwa Sisters

APF Special Meeting to Celebrsate the 25th Anniversary of some Staff Members

APF Staff with Fondwa Credit Union Members

    2. Joining our APF Partnership Program which includes

To support our APF Staff Development by providing some means of training, coaching and vacation to our staff. Please share with us the way you want to contribute to this; we will give you the tools to implement this.

To Finance a Project for APF either in our Social Businesses / Programs or in our APF income Generating Activities. Please share with us the way you want to contribute to this; we will give you the tools to implement this.

To Pay for One or more High School Graduates from College of St. Anthony of Fondwa to provide more well trained professionals serving the poor in rural Haiti.

To Make a monthly donation: an unrestricted donation to APF on a monthly basis towards APF operations

To support one APF staff member for us by donating at least once a month, during a year or for a longer period between US $ 150.00 to US $ 1,000.00 per month

To join or Organize an event to support APF GLOBAL initiatives

To bring or accompany an APF GLOBAL Delegation to Haiti

To support our APF Clinic Mobile Program providing basic healthcare services in either one of the remote communities in rural Haiti where APF has a LDC

To Partner with the Sisters of St. Anthony of Fondwa or to support either one of their programs such as their training program, their schools, the Fondwa Orphanage or their healthcare program.

UFondwa students debate with Brazilian Teachers on LDC

Fondwa Small Working Group Meeting About Black Bean Seed Project

3. Joining Our Ambassadorship with includes being a voice and a fundraiser for either one of our LDC community – Please share with us your wished program and we will provide you the tools to implement it.

Bishop Gumbleton Supporting the Work of Fr. Joseph In Haiti

Walking Together With APF To Eliminate Poverty in Haiti 2

4. Joining our APF Twinning Program which includes: to twin our APF Restaurant ( Restoran Lakay Fondwa) with your favorite Restaurant in your home Community abroad – do the same thing for either one of the following:  our Fondwa Radio Station (Radyo Zetwal) – Our Fondwa Carpentry Shop ( Atelye Ebenis – Our Fondwa Construction Office – Our Fondwa Credit Union  ( KÒF) –  Please share with us your wished program  and we will provide you the tools to implement it.

APF in Video

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